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    4.02 Identify and explain patterns of behavior or interaction among the target cultures.
    Mr. Hurd's wiki
    By the time we get to WWII, the students are well versed in the meaning of propaganda. In this assignment, the students will bring in 1 example of WWII propaganda and 1 example of a piece of propaganda from a current event They must explain the relevance of each piece of propaganda.
    This exercise meets the ISTE standard #3 Students must gather, evaluate and use information. They must also report the result.
    This exercise also meets NCSCS Objectives
    10.01 Elaborate on the causes of World War II and reasons for United States entry into the war.
    10.02 Identify military, political, and diplomatic turning points of the war and determine their significance to the outcome and aftermath of the conflict.
    10.03 Describe and analyze the effects of the war on American economic, social, political, and cultural life.

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  3. page Weebly edited Please paste your WEEBLY URL below. Be sure to include your name and a brief explanation for how yo…
    Please paste your WEEBLY URL below. Be sure to include your name and a brief explanation for how you and/or your students harnessed the power of this tool to create, collaborate, and communicate for learning and teaching in your 1:1 classroom. Please review some of your peers' projects and provide feedback.
    In the Information Technology Module there is a project where two students work together to build a small website. The software and directions that we presently use are not very user friendly. The Weebly Website is much more user friendly and will fit nicely into that assignment slot.
    8108 Exploring Technology Systems
    SCOS 008.02 Produce a communications product using one of the following: technical drawings, graphic communication or electronic communication.
    Danny Bibb
    I am playing around with all of this, but here is my weebly:
    I plan to use it to communicate with family and friends. I will make another for school and my projects as I continue to learn how to use this tool. I will list my SCOS as I continue to refine my lesson.
    Wendy Stephenson

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  4. page Wordle edited Please paste your WORDLE URL below. Be sure to include your name and a brief explanation for how …

    Please paste your WORDLE URL below. Be sure to include your name and a brief explanation for how you and/or your students harnessed the power of this tool to create, collaborate, and communicate during learning and teaching in your 1:1 classroom. Please review some of your peers' projects and provide feedback.
    Wendy Stephenson
    Hey Lisa, (I am getting it together). This is my first attempt. I am not sure what you want from the "SCOS". Do you mean the NC Standard Course of study? (I've got it now!) Anyway, my URL:
    My instrucitonal activitiy is to "create a visual using the words of the first stanza to the National Anthem". It is part of a social studies/english/Art lesson on our National Anthem. I have not thought throu it all yet, but I had asked my home school kids to write the first verse of the National Anthem and display it in a creative way. One of my kids still does not know it by heart! After I started this class Tuesday, I made the lesson a lot more fun for them, and a lot more educational. They had to first, type in the words, and then put it into wordle to make a creative visual image. Not only are they reviewing the National Anthem words (which was my goal), but they are also getting more typing practice and learning how to use tools the computer can offer them from this class.
    I am thinking of using the Competency Goal 13 in Social Studies for 6th grade. The learners have to describe the historic connections among North Carolina, the United States, South Americal, and Europe. Objective 13.01 studies the historical relationship and Objective 13.02 expands into the cultural connections that have influenced language, art, music, and belief systems. The activity above could be part of exploring each countries national anthem and the historical and cultural relations behind them. It's a start! :)
    NOTE: This is an example of what an entry could look like!
    My Wordle creation includes computer vocabulary terms we (my students and staff) use every day. I'm planning to use it as a warm-up activity in our lab with my students in grades 2-5 on the SMART Board. I'll ask the students to come up to the SMART Board and circle a vocabulary word to define, describe, or discuss. I look forward to hearing their ideas about and interpretations of words I hope they understand!
    I like how you plan to get your students actively involved in this warm-up using the Smart Board. -- Marcia
    This a great melding of two technologies! Lisa
    I like the idea of circling the words in the smartboard to define them. --Rosa
    Lynne Crankshaw
    Our 8th grade class does an extensive poetry unit with their language arts teacher and they write poetry throughout the year, developing impressive portfolios. In the spring, we have the students produce enhanced podcasts of their favorite piece. This year, we'll add making a wordle out of their poetry. This would fit Essential standard 8.TT.1 of the NC Information and Technology Standards: "Use technology tools and skills to reinforce and extend classroom concepts and activities." This is one additional way that the students could "publish" their work. When we're doing the podcasts, some students excel through the various components that accompany their poetry: the artwork, composed or sampled music, vocalizing, etc. This would be one more way for the students (especially, perhaps, those less artistically inclined) to be able to enhance their work as well as share it with their peers. I'd like to be able to provide a means for students to comment (positively) on each other's work, but I'm not sure how to do that yet.
    I'm not very artistic and it was a very satisfying way to end up with an attractive product--and yet, I still felt as though I had artistic imput. The work I chose to use was not my own, but Robert Frost's "The Road Less Traveled."
    This is cool, my kids will love this! Often I try to help them see the "big picture" through key words/shapes/personalization (think tattoo craze many of them are into). This seems like it would appeal to there natural interest, while helping them identify key concepts.
    Mary Beth
    I like the idea of using it to help students get the "big picture". Wendy
    Your are very creative; never would have thought of the idea of a tattoo; very interesting! -- Rosa
    I think this is a fantastic way to hook our visual learners. I plan to use this site to focus on Character Traits which is a monthly focus in our schools systemwide. For example, this month's character trait is "responsibility." Students will use the wordle site to define responsibility with the use of words and phrases from their own viewpoint. Then we will share each one, print them, and display them for other students in the school to read. Not only will my students enjoy this, but our reading audience will, too.
    Judy Hatley
    It is a wonderful tool for visual learners! Wendy
    I'm thinking about those SAT daily words that our Principal is sending us via email to share with our students. Put a bunch of them in Wordle and display them. Wouldn't that make them more interesting? --Rosa
    Mary Beth, It's so true that students get into things that they can personalize, whether it is tattoos, nicknames, or anything else. When they use wordles, they can really personalize any concept they want to by using words as their power. I think our kids will love it, too.
    Vocabulary in Math is one of the ways I can see how I can use Wordles. This would be on the intro to each chapter's notes to introduce the definitions. I wonder if each word in the wordle could be a hyperlink to where the definition is located... Welcome for comments, Dawn
    Craig Paul
    As we were looking at creating literacy blocks we wanted to find a way to have students grouped with other students of similar interests. In order to accomplish this task, teachers were given lists of different topics that the students were checking out from the media center and students were asked to write down those that they had an interest in reading. As you can see from the wordle created with this information, students preferred fiction to realstic and were particularly fond of fantasy and vampire books (clearly a middle school phenomenon). By using these tools, we were better able to create groups with which students could align themselves by those similar interests.
    Another application of Wordle is what you just did, a survey. Thanks. -- Rosa
    We did a similar activity with our 5th grade students, only using pencil and paper. If I'd known about the wordle, the responses sure would have had a much greater visual impact. I will definitely do this in the future.
    Each student have opportunities within each of their assigned area modules to work with career information and subject matter information on the technology area they are assigned. They could create wordles as part of their critical writing activity to enhance their writing prompted selection.
    Wes Evans
    As technology facilitator, I'm working with teachers rather than students. I pasted the NETS for Teachers into Wordle and love that the largest and therefore most important word is "learning". Other words that stand out are teachers, students, professional, model, technology, etc.
    Ginger Bryant
    Very nice and smart, Ginger. You should show this to the Technology Tuesday teachers. -- Rosa
    In this particular wordle I pasted notes from a powerpoint that I used to prepare students for the Scientific Method goals of the NC Earth Science standards (actually applies to all HS science) I can/will use this to help the students review vocabulary terms for this unit. They will circle the words as students indicate the relative importance or lack thereof of the words on the woordle.
    Darian Cork
    I like your idea and how to use it as a review- Lisa Ross
    This does seem like a fun tool to reinforce vocabulary, due to physically having to type the vocabulary words and then the visual impact once the wordle is created. I saw another example where someone made a thesaurus wordle using the root word (which was very large) and surrounding it with synonyms. I think that could be pretty powerful.
    English II- SCOS- Unit on “ This I Believe”
    Competency Goal 1 The learner will react to and reflect upon print and non-print text
    and personal experiences by examining situations from both subjective and objective perspectives.
    1.02 Respond reflectively (through small group discussion, class discussion, journal entry, essay, letter, dialogue) to written and visual texts by:
    relating personal knowledge to textual information or class discussion.
    showing an awareness of one's own culture as well as the cultures of others.
    exhibiting an awareness of culture in which text is set or in which text was written.
    explaining how culture affects personal responses.
    demonstrating an understanding of media's impact on personal responses and cultural analyses.
    Competency Goal 3 The learner will defend argumentative positions on literary or nonliterary issues.
    3.01 Examine controversial issues by:
    sharing and evaluating initial personal response.
    researching and summarizing printed data.
    developing a framework in which to discuss the issue (creating a context).
    compiling personal responses and researched data to organize the argument.
    presenting data in such forms as a graphic, an essay, a speech, or a video.
    Students could make their own wordle poster after answering questions on the the next writing activity. Lisa Ross
    In our Flight Technology Module students are given the multiple task of building a list of terms that are covered during the building of a "3-D" Space Station. This program is already loaded on the desktop of the Flight Technology Module. Additionally, students have a "drag and click" exercise that reinforces understanding of these terms that are to be used in the Wordle Activity. The benefit of this exercise is complimented by the visual experience of the "3-D" creation they make as well as the voice over explanation given by the narrator. The name of the Space Station program is Sky Base. 005.00 Application of technological tools and systems to real world experiences. Exploring Technology Systems 8108.
    Danny Bibb
    Competency Goal 3.05- Examine the development of the theory of evolution by natural selection
    Before the unit on Evolution students could create a wordle of their initial thoughts on the topic. Students could then see how many words they have in common with other group members. After the unit, we could go back and look at the words they chose and decide if the words are appropriate or not. Students could also reflect the on connotations that are associated with each word as well.
    Serdia Holcombe
    The link above is for the Wordle example I did for my students. I really had fun making this! The following URLs are a couple of examples from my ESL students' work:
    The SCOS for this lesson is based on the WIDA Standards for English Language Proficiency, grades 9-12, Standard 2 Note Taking and Convention Mechanics, levels three (developing), four (expanding), and five (bridging).
    My students worked on writing a story that included different past tenses (present perfect, simple past, past perfect) and some linking words to be used in a five paragraph narrative. They worked on a few drafts before the final product and then, had fun choosing an artistic layout for their story to exhibit in class.
    Rosa Basi
    Barbara Isasi-Brown
    Since I'm tracked out right now and won't be with students again until Oct. 12th- I thought I'd make Wordle documents incorporating the terminology from the Standard Course of Study for each of the major units we just finished 1st quarter. As a review before we begin the next unit, students could view the Wordle document and generate discussion utilizing the words from the document. I would like to have students create their own wordle documents at the end of the next unit indicating what they have learned in this unit. show them to the students and let them create wordle docs for the next units we would study. This would also give them experience picking out key words from a document (e.g., there is no need in this SCOC doc to input the words "in" "the" "to" etc. __
    Judy Hatley: Sorry my first wordle didn't work. I tried a new one and hopefully this one will work.
    Objective 2.01 Grade 4Use metacognitive strategies to comprehend text and to clarify meaning of vocabulary
    This wordle will be used as a reminder for students to use a variety of comprehension strategies to understand what they read.

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  5. page Penzu edited ... Rosa I tried Penzu and I like the ease of keeping a journal and adding pictures. My lesson ti…
    I tried Penzu and I like the ease of keeping a journal and adding pictures. My lesson title is "FRESH: What are we eating?" It is a project about sustainable food production and it ties with SCOS: WIDA Grades 9-12, Standard 4, Ecology and Adaptation and Food Chains, for ESL classes. Students will brainstorm about foods that they regularly eat. Then will watch a film named FRESH by Ana Sophia Joanes. (I actually watched this film yesterday about ecological agriculture, and promoting local organic foods) After the film, a discussion about solutions to mass unsustainable production. I would like to start a small garden, maybe on school grounds or in the community garden in Laurinburg. The students can keep a journal in Penzu on how to grow a garden. The produce can be theirs or we can sell it to the local school restaurant, The Bagpiper. This is the link to my lesson in Penzu URL :
    Please pick an EMPTY space between horizontal bars to past your Penzu URL.
    Please provide a brief explanation of your learning activity in which you will use PENZU.
    Please be sure to label your entry with your NAME.
    PLEASE include specific SCOS goals.
    Please provide FEEDBACK to others within the horizontal bars that contains their Penzu idea you are responding to.
    This is how it will work each and every week! Cheers!
    ~Lisa H.

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  6. page Wiki edited ... For now you can try the Plus Account for 30 days for free to get rid of the ads until Wikispac…
    For now you can try the Plus Account for 30 days for free to get rid of the ads until Wikispaces approves your K-12 account!
    Please READ!
    *Please pick an EMPTY space between horizontal bars to past your WIKI URL that clearly has your name nearby. PLEASE include SCOS goals.
    Please provide FEEDBACK to others within the horizontal bars that contains their wiki idea you are responding to. *
    Mary Beth Seitzer
    This wiki is for SGHS staff to discuss technology since we have been given an Apple and are preparing for 1:1 learning in Jan. I also am developing a wiki for each student to improve communication regarding their post HS employment goals. Their teachers, job coaches, parents, voc rehab counselor will be invited to join. All will use the communication tool to keep current on student progress in relation to their goals. Finally, at an upcoming staff dev't I will present wiki writing to OCS district staff and see if they are interested in learning and sharing ideas for ongoing staff dev't/learning through a wiki. OCS staff tends to be isolated and is a great teaching and learning tool for all of us!
    Mary Beth- Great ideas! for both your faculty and OCS students- Lisa Ross
    me?? Wendy
    Mary Beth, I enjoyed taking a look at your wikis. You will love the 1:1 learning experience and a wiki will be great for the staff. Great stuff!
    Lisa Ross-
    exhibiting an awareness of culture in which text is set or in which text was written.
    explaining how culture affects personal responses.
    Lisa Ross
    Lisa, I think the collaboration experience will be uplifting for teachers and all else involved. An evaluation year will really stretch one to far limits. The wiki for your students will keep them actively engaged with literature and discussion of the text through a wiki. I am sure they will love it. Good luck during your evaluation year.
    Judy Hatley:
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  7. page Trailfire edited Please paste your TRAILFIRE URL below. Be sure to include your name and a brief explanation for how…
    Please paste your TRAILFIRE URL below. Be sure to include your name and a brief explanation for how you and/or your students harnessed the power of this tool to create, collaborate, and communicate for learning and teaching in your 1:1 classroom. Please review some of your peers' projects and provide feedback.
    Danny Bibb
    Trailfire URL
    My trail gives students an overview of how the internal combustion engine works. It also includes a history of how the development of the engine changed the automobile.
    This is covered in SCOS 8108 Exploring Technology Systems and course objective 007.02 Describe scientific principles of energy, power and transportation as well as systems, sub-systems, and modes of transportation systems.
    Wes Evans trailfire URL:
    My trail leads students on a brief history of computers/robots & robotics. This introduction to the Robotics module in my Exploring Tech systems (middle school) gives the students some information they can situate the concept of robots and robotics in their learning of this material and other technology systems.
    SCOS: 8108 Exploring Technology Systems Item:
    Use computers and other tools of technology in various applications.
    My Trailfire is on HS & Adult Service Providers for EC students. I have requested links form the adult service providers that my students are serviced by. They should be getting back to me in the next week with their recommend links which we can share with students for Transition.
    Before beginning work on curriculum maps, we take a brief information tour of best practices. These links end at the work site where the curriculum mapping is actually done for our district.
    -Craig Paul
    Todd Plummer's Trailfire
    I am about to begin my North Carolina State Government Unit. I can see unlimited possibilites with Trailfire. Normally we just look at the state constitution online, but I plan on using this Trailfire, once it's been refined, to introduce North Carolina government. I think it will provide students with a good feel for our government in North Carolina.
    This is a great project! You may already be aware of this resource. The NC Civic Education Consortium has a large collection of resources for K-12 teachers. You can search for high school lessons and resources. If you are already aware of these resources, you may consider sending your Trailfire to them, once you add to it and use it with students. The database is a collection of resources from NC educators and you will be given credit for your lesson. ~ Steven
    North Carolina Civic Education Consortium
    Database of Civic Resources
    Judy Hatley This is my url for Trailfire:
    This trail will be used with my fifth graders during the month of February to honor Black History month. One ending activity will be to prepare a Powerpoint Presentation to share with our fourth graders. The objectives to be covered are:
    Grade 5 Social Studies Goal 3.02 Examine how changes in the movement of people has affected way of living in the United States.
    Goal 3.03 Identify examples of cultural interactions within and among regions of the United States.
    Judy, this looks like a really beneficial source for your students. I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of these sources for our students as well. Lynne Crankshaw
    Lisa, I would be honored for you to use some of these sources. Have at it. Thanks for your nice comment.
    Lisa Ross
    This is my trailfire for learning about the Holocaust before reading the book Night.
    2.02 Create responses that examine a cause/effect relationship among events by:
    effectively summarizing situations.
    showing a clear, logical connection among events.
    logically organizing connections by transitioning between points.
    developing appropriate strategies such as graphics, essays, and multimedia presentations to illustrate points.
    Students must review at least two online exhibits at the United States Holocaust Museum and make a powerpoint presentation for the class.
    Lisa, Our 8th grade students also read Night and the resultant projects have been powerful. I like the way you've set up this trailfire and it looks like it will be very beneficial for your students.
    Lynne Crankshaw
    I was able to successfully download the trailfire add on to my firefox toolbar and set up a log in and password, but everytime I try to access the site (after I am logged in) I receive a message that the site is a forgery and there is nothing I've been able to figure out to get me past that message. I've tried everything available on that page and then I'm stuck going nowhere. Did anyone else have this problem? Thanks.
    When I do get my trailfire up and running, the topic will be for the third grade state studies yearlong unit. I plan to post several sites with good state information and maps written at about the third grade level. These would meet the North Carolina Essential Standards for Information and Technology:
    3.RP.1 Apply a research process as part of collaborative research
    3.RP.1.1 Implement a research process by collaborating effectively with other students.
    3.SE.1 Understand issues related to the safe, ethical, and responsible use of information and technology resources.
    3.SE.1.2 Understand ethical behavior (copyright, not plagiarizing) when using resources.
    Lynne, I had the same problem at first, but I finally went to mozilla firefox and did a search for the add-on that I needed. After that, I didn't go back to the trailfire site, I just clicked on the icon at the top on the mozilla browser when I wanted to add a "mark." When I finally did try to go to the site, I had the same error/forgery message come up... Keep trying and somehow it will work!! I think???? Dawn Laughter
    Dawn Laughter
    So, I decided to use the trailfire as a review of the unit on polynomial functions where the students followed along the marks to see examples, explanations, video files, and some sample problems leading to a voicethread assignment where they had to work out the problems on a midchapter test from the teacher resources that go along with my textbook. It's cool to be able to lead the students exactly where you want them to go, link by link, in the order you desire creating a logical sequence of concepts or steps... I so will be using this. :D
    Serdia Holcombe
    NCSCOS 2.02 Investigate and describe the structure and function of cells including:
    Structure and function of: nucleus, plasma membrane, cell wall, mitochondria, vacuoles, chloroplasts, and ribosomes. Students should be able to identify these cell organelles.
    Students should view a variety of cells with particular emphasis on the differences between plant and animal cells.
    This trailfire walks the students through the parts of the cell, and students learn the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. I actually did this trailfire in class which helps me organize my lesson instead of having to open up several windows I can just click the arrow. I Like how i can include questions the students should answer which saves time and paper. Students also don't have to worry about mistyping a web address.
    Barbara Isasi Clearly I have done something wrong, since my markers or trails disappeared from the trail page I listed; I need to try again.
    Well, it still doesn't work. The trail comes up when I go to my stuff, but none of the marks come up on the webpages. After several hours, and viewing the video 3 times, I still don't have it. This has been an extremely time consuming tool, and I'm no where near able to come up with a product to submit. Frustrating.
    I am designing this trailfire to begin to have students self-manage their study of rocks and minerals. The first page is the NCSCOS from LearnNC.
    Wendy Stephenson
    I am continuing my unit on National Anthems: Eventually we will look at several countries and the history of the national anthem, but for this class I am working on a unit for the Natoinal Anthem of the United States. My trailfire will focus on computer skills and social studies NCSCOS. I plan on having a trail outlining the history of the US national anthem: lyrics, history about the writer of the anthem, history about the musical composition and its writer, actual musical scale, history about how the anthem came to exist as our national anthem (date and process of being accepted by governement), ect.
    Rosa Basi's Trail:
    SCOS: WIDA Standards, Conventions and mechanics in writing. This trailfire will address the topic of punctuation, capitalization and general mechanics, in preparation for their writing tests. The trails are practice and assessment oriented.

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  9. page Voice Thread edited Please paste your 5 slide Voicethread URL below. Be sure to include your name and a brief expl…

    Please paste your 5 slide Voicethread URL below. Be sure to include your name and a brief explanation for how you and/or your students harnessed the power of this tool to create, collaborate, and communicate for learning and teaching in your 1:1 classroom. Please review some of your peers' projects and provide feedback.
    *Please pick an EMPTY space between horizontal bars to past your VOICETHREAD URL that clearly has your name nearby. PLEASE include SCOS goals.
    Please provide FEEDBACK to others within the horizontal bars that contains their wiki idea you are responding to. *
    Mary Beth Seitzer: I am hosting a transition Night for Students Who Require EC Services on Nov. 5 at 6:00. I used a few of my powerpoint slides to make a voicethread. I like this tool but need more work. My husband and I played around with this tool but have not mastered it.
    SCOS: Occ Prep I-The learner will develop self-determination skills for participating in transition planning & making a successful adjustment to adult life.
    Mary Beth, I tried to view your voice tread but didn't have access. I like your ideas for using it as a transition night for EC students. I hope you don't mind, but each week you give me more great EC ideas to pirate!- Thank you, Lisa Ross
    Mary Beth, I couldn't view your's either. I think you need to go in and share it. I look forward to seeing it because transitions are so important and we can always use good, clear ways to present them! - Craig Paul
    From Barbara: Mary Beth, I had the same problem when I first pasted my link- I believe you need to click on share. Than the URL will come up witht the "share: at the end, and others can see your voicethread.
    Judy Hatley: I work with a small group of fifth graders in the book Caesar's English by Michael Thompson and Myriam Thompson. This book contains common Latin stems which can help students increase their vocabulary. To add a bit of pizzaz, I want to do voicethreads and gain student comments using words containing the Latin stems. The SCOS objective is Grade 5 Language Arts Objective 2.01
    Use metacognitive strategies independently and flexibly to monitor comprehension and extend vocabulary.
    Here is the url for my voicethread:
    Below is the updated voicethread where I added comments to the slides.
    I think this is an excellent way to take advantage of the voicethreads tool. It is very effective the way you use the pictures and voicethread for the activity. Students should enjoy this activity compared to just paper and pencil. I know I did.
    This is a fun way of dealing with a "tedious" subject like Latin stems. I'm thinking of using your idea for my ESL class.
    Danny Bibb: In our 8108 Exploring Technology Systems we have an Energy and Power module that introduces the students to the different types of energy found in the world. I have set up a voicethread that is aligned with SCOS 007.01 for students to be able to describe the types and forms of energy, power and transportation. Unfortunately, no microphone available at this I typed in questions that go with the slides.
    Danny, I like your voice thread. Your pictures are so sharp and clear! Your questions are engaging and "hooked" me in. Have you actually used it with your class? - Lisa Ross
    No Lisa, not in this format. I have covered this information ofcourse, but this is definitely far superior to what we have done in the past.
    Yours is a really beautiful, well-constructed example. Lynne Crankshaw Lisa Ross
    SCOS: English II- The learner will critically interpret and evaluate experiences, literature, language, and ideas.
    I have made an assignment based on the novel-Night that we are reading in English class. The students will create "Found" poems and then record them for other students to listen and then respond This isn't ready for classroom use, yet. My powerpoint slides got a bit cut off- I need to continue to practice with this tool a bit more. I just realized that I didn't save the ppt as a jpeg! Gosh, I really do read and watch the tutorials first! The more time I have to "play" with the tools- the better they get!
    This project has the potential to be very powerful in this format. Lynne Crankshaw
    Craig Paul -
    I am hosting a reflection on a PLC activity using Podcasts in the classroom. It is focusing on the successes and failures of the activity so as to improve when using the tools in the future. This addresses NETs Standard 5b.
    Teachers exhibit leadership by demonstrating a vision of technology infusion, participating in shared decision making and community building, and developing the leadership and technology skills of others.
    Logical, well thought out. I like the reflection aspect. Effective.
    Danny Bibb
    Barbara Isasi-Brown
    Am beginning to try to link elements to involve my whole ESL Community. No mike yet- will try to record tomorrow- will try to record tomorrow.]]http:/
    Image has been added as well as some voice. As you may notice- I do not have much of a voice left- so to be able to use this voice\thread, I will have to edit and rerecord.
    Thanks to Dawn, remembered to add the ISTE's Standards.
    Haven't quite figured out how to get rid of all extra white space from my cut & paste
    3. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning
    Teachers exhibit knowledge, skills, and work processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital society. Teachers
    demonstrate fluency in technology systems and the transfer of current knowledge to new technologies and situations
    b. collaborate with students, peers, parents, and community members using digital tools and resources to support student success
    and innovation
    c. communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students, parents, and peers using a variety of digital-age media and formats
    d. Model and facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information
    resources to support research and learning
    Wes Evans:
    My voicethread is a quick intro to the Robotics module in my Exploring Technology Systems class. Kind of a quick/brief where robotics came from and prepping students to see where they're going with using the LEGO mindstorms NXT robots. I don't have a microphone at this time to record voice therefore I had to use typed comments.
    SCOS: 8108 005.02 Use computers and other tools of technology in various applications. Dawn Laughter here...
    I love me some voicethread. The sky is the limit for using this tool. Unfortunately, I have not been granted permission to use this in my classroom yet, so I'm a bit bummed! :( However, I've seen some great applications of this tool. My dream is to post a problem a week for my students to comment on or solve or whatever as a part of their grade. I think it would be great fun! I'd also like to have them create a problem to challenge each other with...
    NETS goal #2
    a.)design or adapt relevant learning experiences that incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity.
    b.)develop technology-enriched learning environments that enable all students to pursue their individual curiosities and become
    active participants in setting their own educational goals, managing their own learning, and assessing their own progress
    c.)customize and personalize learning activities to address students’ diverse learning styles, working strategies, and abilities using
    digital tools and resources
    d.)provide students with multiple and varied formative and summative assessments aligned with content and technology
    standards and use resulting data to inform learning and teaching
    Dawn, is your voicethread from a movie or powerpoint? How get your movement of the red pen to be recorded on the voicethread? - Serdia Holcombe
    Lynne Crankshaw . . . My voice thread can be found at
    This is a project that I actually did a couple of years ago with a second grade class as a powerpoint. After experimenting with this tool, I'd like to do this lesson again and add the voicethread component. When I actually do this, I would have the students read their "what I want to be when I grow up" sentences--which would be much preferable to my voice.
    This lesson fits NC Essential Information and Technology Standards 2.TT.1 Use technology ytools and skills to reinforce classroom concepts and activities.
    2.TT.l.3 Use technology tools to present data and information (mutimedia, audio and visual recording, online collaboration tools, etc.)
    Hi Lynne,
    I love your very creative voicethread! How could I apply this to a high school crowd? I teach Spanish and ESL...
    Maybe, I could ask them to take pictures of themselves, at home, doing different actions, part of their routine. Then, have them record their voices talking in the target language, in order to explain their pictures. Then, all the other students can see their peer in his/her familiar environment, therefore bringing home to school................Rosa Basi - My voicethread link. Students could use voice thread as a simple podcast to display their independent science research projects. I like how you can upload to voicethreads via computer or url links.
    NCSCOS Goal 1.02- Student will design and conduct scientific investigations. - Serdia Holcombe
    This evolution unit looks really intriguing. I could see how this would be a great way for your students to publish their independent projects. This voice thread unit has given me more ideas than any other. I'm anxious to try it out in a classroom setting. Lynne Crankshaw
    Well here it is. It is not pretty. I have one with "the flu" so it has been a busy week at home. I need to play with this a lot more to work it more smoothly. I see great potential for this tool. This was a lot more student proactive than just reading from a powerpoint. It was really easy to use powerpoint in the voicethread. Thanks for the tip. My will continue with the social studies unit on history. For this activity we will focus on NCSCOS Goal 2: The learner will trace the causes and effects of the Revolutionary War, and assess the impact of major events, problems, and personalitiies during the Constitutional Period in NC and the new nation and Goal 3: The learner will identify key events and evaluate the impact of reform and expansion in NC during the first half of the 19th Century. There are several goals in Lanuage Arts that are also covered that I will expand on in my final template for this class.
    Wendy Stephenson
    Rosa Basi’s Voicethread link:
    I would like to use Voicethread, among other things, to expose my students to sites or images that are foreign to them, in any dimension (architecture, people, foods, festivals, etc.). This particular thread reflects the following SCS competency goals:
    COMPARISONS - The learner will develop insight into the nature of language and culture by comparing his/her own language(s) and culture(s) to others.
    5.07 Identify similarities and differences of tangible and intangible products (e.g., food, dwellings, music, sports, clothing) between the target cultures and his/her own culture(s).
    COMMUNITIES - The learner will use language and/or demonstrate cultural knowledge and understanding within and beyond the school setting for personal, educational, and professional growth and enrichme
    7.04 Visit places in person or via technology, which provide opportunities to use the target language and/or experience the target cultures.

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