Please paste your WIKI URL below. Be sure to include your name and a brief explanation for how you and/or your students harnessed the power of this tool to create, collaborate, and communicate for learning and teaching in your 1:1 classroom. Please review some of your peers' projects and provide feedback.

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OCTOBER 21th, 2009 Please READ!

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~Lisa H.

I struggled to come up with a lesson that would truly benefit from a wiki. Most of the lessons I do lend themselves more to the possibility of a blog, but I think this idea could really work. Our third grade classes study all the states and their symbols, etc. throughout the course of the year. The students fill out worksheets for each state and compile them in a notebook. Using a wiki the students could create an entry for each state and research the necessary facts (state capital, bird, song, etc.). All students in the class could add more facts and/or pictures (perhaps from their travels) and correct any errors. This would be a year-long project that could even be shared among all four of our third grade classes. It would meet the North Carolina Essential Standards 3.RP.1 Apply a research process as part of collaborative research. The link to the ThirdGradeStateStudies wiki that I created as a trial is
Lynne Crankshaw

These are PERFECT examples!

Again I am struggling to take it all end. I really like Wiki though. I have started two pages. One is for my own use as a teacher just to keep myself, students and parents up to day with activities and the other is for the project for this class. I see a lot of possibilites with Wikis. and
I still have a lot of playing around with this to get it going. But it is fun for me, so I know the kids would like making their own pages for school activities and personal pages. Wendy Stephenson

Wendy, I think your ideas make sense to me. This sight is a wiki right? WE are all responding to other classmates posts.- Lisa Ross

Unless I did something wrong, which could be very possible, both are wiki sights. Since I home school is is more of a 1:1 as far as the "stephensonacademy wiki is concerned, but the national anthem project page could be considered a collaborative work in progress.

Mary Beth Seitzer

This wiki is for SGHS staff to discuss technology since we have been given an Apple and are preparing for 1:1 learning in Jan. I also am developing a wiki for each student to improve communication regarding their post HS employment goals. Their teachers, job coaches, parents, voc rehab counselor will be invited to join. All will use the communication tool to keep current on student progress in relation to their goals. Finally, at an upcoming staff dev't I will present wiki writing to OCS district staff and see if they are interested in learning and sharing ideas for ongoing staff dev't/learning through a wiki. OCS staff tends to be isolated and is a great teaching and learning tool for all of us!

Mary Beth- Great ideas! for both your faculty and OCS students- Lisa Ross

I like the idea of using it for a discussion as well. I feel more comfortable using a wiki for some reason than a blog. Does this make sense or is it just becasue all this is so new to me?? Wendy

Mary Beth, I enjoyed taking a look at your wikis. You will love the 1:1 learning experience and a wiki will be great for the staff. Great stuff!

Lisa Ross-
I chose JMHS (Jordan Matthews High school-that is the school I teach at, and EC News because I’d like a forum for EC teachers, parents and students to communicate.
This 1st wiki page coincides with the Rubric for Evaluating North Carolina Teachers. I am in an evaluation year, therefore, one of my goals is: Teachers demonstrate leadership in the school. An objective for that would be that I participate in developing and/or implementing the school improvement plan and increase collaboration with and among teachers, parents, and students.
The second page of the wiki would be for my English II class.
The SCOS goal and objectives: Competency 1 The learner will react to and reflect upon print and non-print text and personal experiences by examining situations from both subjective and objective perspectives.
1.02 Respond reflectively (through small group discussion, class discussion, journal entry, essay, letter, dialogue) to written and visual texts by:
  • relating personal knowledge to textual information or class discussion.
  • showing an awareness of one's own culture as well as the cultures of others.
  • exhibiting an awareness of culture in which text is set or in which text was written.
  • explaining how culture affects personal responses.
I will put the students into Literature Circle groups and then they can respond to the questions I give them on the wiki. They can ask questions and get clarification from other group members. – Lisa Ross

Lisa, I think the collaboration experience will be uplifting for teachers and all else involved. An evaluation year will really stretch one to far limits. The wiki for your students will keep them actively engaged with literature and discussion of the text through a wiki. I am sure they will love it. Good luck during your evaluation year.

Judy Hatley:
I am excited to use this wiki with my fifth graders so that I can have some collaboration across schools regarding our Math Superstars program. About the time they get in grade 5, they need a bit more motivation to meet their point goal each quarter for AIG class. A wiki will be of great help, I believe. Math Superstars is a math problem solving program which covers all strategies and gives students much of a challenge to think through multistep problems. My SCOS objective for grade five is Objective 1.03
Develop flexibility in solving problems by selecting strategies and using mental computation, estimation, calculators or computers, and paper and pencil.

I loved math superstars and I think it is a great idea to use as collaboration between schools. Will you have students explain their answers in writing or just use math expressions so other students can see how they came to their conclusion?

My wiki is a clearinghouse for PLCs to share best practices. I think that the ability to edit the site allows for a real examination of the successes and failures of different teaching and assessment techniques. In order for the wiki to really work it seems important to have a as many participants as possible or else it becomes another blog. As with any of these tools, careful oversite is important to make sure that wrong information does not promulgate. All of the tools that I have put together are focused on meeting NETS Teacher Standards 5a.
5. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources.
a. participate in local and global learning communities to explore creative applications of technology to improve student learning

Craig Paul

Craig, thanks for this idea. I think I'll start a wiki to share best practices for Spanish. I work in an ex-comprehensive high school that was split in six smaller learning communities. We used to have the support of a department, and all the sharing that went with it. Now, everybody is on their own, and a wiki like this would help everybody, especially new teachers. And the potential of it becoming a global learning community is fantastic.
Rosa Basi

I like how your pages have the potential to link teachers from all over the county to share ideas that work in their classroom- Serdia Holcombe

Interesting concept and well needed. I like the idea of parking in one spot and having access to a buffet of best practices. Let me know when the site is completed; I want to share it with my principal. We put our faculty meeting notes on OneNote so we all have access in house to the workshops/ PD/ best practices that we know of, but I do like the idea of linking to many through one site. Dawn Laughter

Serdia Holcombe
1.02 Design and conduct scientific investigations to answer biological questions.
  • Create testable hypotheses
  • Identify variables.
  • Use a control or comparison group when appropriate.
  • Select and use appropriate measurement tools.
  • Collect and record data.
  • Organize data into charts and graphs.
  • Analyze and interpret data.
  • Communicate findings.
Students will carry out their experiments and present them to the class using a wiki. The other group members will be able to provide feedback to each group before I give them a final grade. Each group will also provide a podcast using pictures of them doing the actual experiment at well.
More details about the project are in the wiki.

Wes Evans Robotics wiki link:
SCOS: 8108 Exploring Technology Systems. Item: 004.00 Apply Design and Problem Solving methods

This wiki asks students to make recommendations or provide input for a robotics design brief. The prompt asking for recommendations from students allows for a variety of solutions toward the design, build and programming of a robot to meet the prompted requirements. All students in the Robotics module can participate in providing input into the solution to the design and building of a robot which can make the whole information sharing process unique and interesting for all students.

Barbara Since I am just beginning to become familiar with these tools, I decided to begin to build a wiki to increase parent/student/school communication and link it to my webpage at school. I want to allow parents and students to examine some of the standards, and what we are studying each week and each quarter, and then be invited to enter discussion: open blog type communications, or to email me, which would allow for personal/private communication. I haven't quite figured out how I would have students use the wiki/editing type features yet to be able to post about their learning and be able to share with other classmates, other grades, parents, and potentially other schools and communities. I still have a lot to explore. This is my first attempt at setting up my Wicked Math Wiki where I would have students post difficult math questions to the page so others could try to solve them. The part that I started was a unit review with hyperlinks to videos or websites that would be helpful in reviewing the concepts...
The SCOS objectives focused upon are: 2.02 Use quadratic functions and inequalities to model and solve problems; justify results.
From NETS...
Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others. Students: a)interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media. b)communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats.
Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information. b)locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media.

I hope I actually can implement this into my classroom....
Dawn Laughter

Rosa Basi's Wiki
This wiki was created with the idea of using it for class discussions, involving teachers and students. I am thinking of discussion of cultural topics, that can be done in English and allow everybody, regardless of their target language level, to participate. For example, my Spanish II classes are viewing the film La Misma Luna, which I want to use to introduce the topic of how immigration is affecting immigrant families. I want the students to see and feel the personal aspects of this.
Below, you have a list of goals that this wiki can apply to in the FL SCS.
7.06 View, listen to, and read various forms of media that utilize the target language and reflect the target cultures.
5.08 Demonstrate an understanding of the reasons why certain products originate and are important to the target cultures and to their own.
5.10 Explore the viewpoints and attitudes of people in both his/her own culture and the target cultures relating to everyday life.
4.02 Identify and explain patterns of behavior or interaction among the target cultures.

Mr. Hurd's wiki
By the time we get to WWII, the students are well versed in the meaning of propaganda. In this assignment, the students will bring in 1 example of WWII propaganda and 1 example of a piece of propaganda from a current event They must explain the relevance of each piece of propaganda.
This exercise meets the ISTE standard #3 Students must gather, evaluate and use information. They must also report the result.
This exercise also meets NCSCS
Elaborate on the causes of World War II and reasons for United States entry into the war.
10.02 Identify military, political, and diplomatic turning points of the war and determine their significance to the outcome and aftermath of the conflict.
10.03 Describe and analyze the effects of the war on American economic, social, political, and cultural life.