SAMPLE ENTRIES- This two examples are models for what is expected each for week for your learning activity for the Tool of Week.

I really like this online journal and think it is a great way to let students personalize their thoughts and emotions, and use as learning logs. As learning logs, Penzu can provide feedback to the teacher and other classmates as to what the student learned in any given lesson. It would be also a great way to record information about characters in books and selections in literature. As far as a personal journal, I would definitely encourage its use. Students could take a couple of minutes in the day just to vent and "get it out," before moving on with the school day. The feature of adding pictures would be an awesome effect, too.
My SCOS objective for the Penzu tool for use with grade 4 is 4.02: Use oral and written language to present information and ideas in a clear, concise manner.

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I tried Penzu and I like the ease of keeping a journal and adding pictures. My lesson title is "FRESH: What are we eating?" It is a project about sustainable food production and it ties with SCOS: WIDA Grades 9-12, Standard 4, Ecology and Adaptation and Food Chains, for ESL classes. Students will brainstorm about foods that they regularly eat. Then will watch a film named FRESH by Ana Sophia Joanes. (I actually watched this film yesterday about ecological agriculture, and promoting local organic foods) After the film, a discussion about solutions to mass unsustainable production. I would like to start a small garden, maybe on school grounds or in the community garden in Laurinburg. The students can keep a journal in Penzu on how to grow a garden. The produce can be theirs or we can sell it to the local school restaurant, The Bagpiper. This is the link to my lesson in Penzu URL :

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